By | December 26, 2017
5 Things to Remember When Playing 3 Pictures Game

Even though this game doesn’t pop in most casino, it has unique gameplay that gets complicated or easy depending on how the game goes. Are you interested? Hold up – don’t play it yet before knowing 5 things to remember when playing 3 pictures game right below.

5 Things to Remember When Playing 3 Pictures Game

5 Things to Remember When Playing 3 Pictures Game

5 Things to Remember When Playing 3 Pictures Game

  • Every Picture Card Have the Same Value

Since picture cards are the highlights in this game, it’s no wonder that many bettors will obsess on them. However, people tend to forgot that all picture cards have zero values and there are no ranks in between them. For instance, K is not higher than Q and J – they are on equal standing. So, it doesn’t matter whether you got KJ or QJ since they have the same standing. What define win with picture cards is the quantity on a hand, not value or card order.

  • Rare Combinations Are… Rare

Another common mistake made by bettors is betting on the bet choices with highest payout ratio. Surely, the profit they can possible give is mouth-watering. However, they have high payout ratio for a reason. The combinations are a rarity and it’s impossible to predict when exactly they will appear. Therefore, it’s unrealistic to bet on them without any predicament because they will give profit when bettors actually win them.

  • Play Like in Poker, Bet Like in Baccarat

If you haven’t noticed, Three Pictures have value and combination system like Poker. Yet, the hand rule and bet choice is more similar to Baccarat. Truthfully, there’s not much reference of this game and they don’t appeal on casinos either. However, if you wanted to play the game, think of it as combination of Poker and Baccarat. Since the cards leans more to Poker, deal with them like how you would do with Poker. On the other hand, betting safely like the prime strategy in Baccarat will help you win them.

  • Don’t Forget to Count the Cards

Three cards game only uses a single deck. Therefore, it’s easier to count on the cards. There are some reasons why counting cards is important here. One, we can spot defect decks and declare the round to be void before it happens. Also, by counting the cards, we can narrow the possibilities of what cards will appear next. This strategy will help bettors do better bets on last rounds.

  • Picture Cards Aside, Bigger Value Prevails

If we look in a single card deck, the quantity or picture cards is significantly lesser than other cards. This means, they are rarer to appear – and even if they appear, that doesn’t mean it’s likely to be two or three cards on a hand. So, instead of chasing the picture cards, put your hope on number card values instead.

Now that you know five things to remember when playing three picture game, playing will be a breeze. Three pictures have many rules to remember especially the card combination names – but remembering every one of them will not lead to victory either. Just make sure to not forget any of the points above to keep yourself on track.

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