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6 Reasons Why Myths about Baccarat Don’t Work

Baccarat may be one of the easiest casino games. However, a player still needs to master some Baccarat playing strategies so that his probability of winning can remain high. Among all of those Baccarat strategies a player may find in the internet, he needs to make sure he is not trapped in Baccarat myths. Why? Here are the 6 reasons why myths about Baccarat don’t work:

6 Reasons Why Myths about Baccarat Don’t Work

6 Reasons Why Myths about Baccarat Don’t Work

6 Reasons Why Myths about Baccarat Don’t Work

Both Player and Banker Have Equal Winning Odds

This first reason should be the reminder when someone tells you to raise your bet when the Banker keeps losing in the game. This strategy may be advised to you because the advisor may think that the banker is supposed to always win. This advice is completely misguiding. In Baccarat, the probability of the bank, the player, and tie to win are 45, 44.62%, and 9.53% respectively.

The Odds of Winning is always the same in Any Game Round

You may have also found the advised scenario saying that the best bet in online baccarat is to bet on the player when the it keeps winning. This scenario emerges because the adviser may think that future outcomes can be predicted from the past results. When playing Baccarat, always remember that the odds of winning always remain the same and roughly equal no matter what happen during the game.

Commission Free Baccarat is both Attractive and Full of Illusion

The banker hand has slightly bigger chance of winning that make casino take 5% commission from the winning on banker bets. With such percentage, this bet still has a very low house edge which is 1.06%. That’s why commission free baccarat seems attractive. However, this is just an illusion. Although commission free baccarat doesn’t charge any commission, it only gives the winner 50% of the winning only when the banker gets 6 points.

Big Payouts that You Are After Carries Big Risk

The payout of tie bet seems tempting as it can get as big as 9 to 1 payouts. However, remember that there is a significant drop in the house edge of tie bet which is from 14.36% to 4.84% following this payout. If you are aiming for the big payouts, you need to wager 9x as much on the bet of the banker. You may get a chance to win that big payout but you are also risking your money with that house edge.

Martingale is only for the high rollers

Martingale may be the most widely advised strategy in Baccarat. The main idea of this strategy is to double your wage for every loss. Although Martingale can actually work and get you some profit, this betting system is just for high rollers who has unlimited bankroll. Also, this betting system can only work when there is no limit on maximum bet on the tables.

Counting Cards is Not for Baccarat

Counting cards may also be the widely advised strategy for Baccarat. However, you need to know that this is only a myth that you should not follow. The reason is because this card game does not have any cards giving the banker or the player a big advantage. Also, another reason is that this game is usually dealt from a shoe of 8 decks, meaning that in order to win a player needs lots of deck penetrations.

Baccarat is easy but tricky when you are not careful with the strategies.   No matter how often those advises (or those myths) have been told to you, you always need to bear in mind those 6 reasons why myths about Baccarat don’t work.

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