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Rules You Should Abide When Playing Online Sic Bo

Sic Bo is one of the most famous casino game available online. Though not every provider offers this game, it’s really popular among bettors and known famous with big choices of bets. Some even offer this game you can play on mobile apps. To play the game, there are rules you should abide when playing online Sic Bo. Learn more below.

Rules You Should Abide When Playing Online Sic Bo

Rules You Should Abide When Playing Online Sic Bo

Rules You Should Abide When Playing Online Sic Bo

The Basics

For those who have yet to play Sic Bo, the game basically requires bettors to bet on rolled dice. There are three of them, and bettors are allowed to do any type of bets, picking several altogether, or even combine them. The most popular bet is guessing the total of them.0.

Bet Types

If we examine carefully, Sic Bo’s bet board is actually similar to Roulette’s. There are ‘outside’ and ‘inside’ bets, but Sic Bo laid out more to the ‘inside part, as there are more options to bet on the specific numbers. Here is the list:

Small or Big

This bet allows bettors to bet whether the result totals will be small (four to ten) or big (11 to 17). It pays 1:1.

Total Bets

Now it’s starting to get more specific. This bet allows bettors to bet on the whole total of the result. Each total has its own pay out. Here is the chart:

9, 10, 11, 12   = 1:6

8, 13           = 1:8

7, 14           = 1:12

6, 15           = 1:15

5, 16           = 1:30

4, 17           = 1:60

Single Dice

This bet let bettors bet on the number of one of the dice. The payout gets higher with more of the number appears. Just one dice appearing pays 1:1, two makes it 1:2, and all the dice paid out makes it 1:3.

Two-Dice Combination

More into the specifics, this bet allows bettors to bet for the two dices exact numbers in the result. It pays 1:6.

Specific Double

This bet also let bettors bet on two dices in the result, but instead of betting on any number, bettors have to pick whether there are twins between the three dice. The option ranges from twin ones to twin six. This bet pays 1:10.

Any Triple

For those who likes to take risk, this bet might do it for you. In any triple, bettors have to bet the exact numbers to appear on the dice. This bet pays 1:30.

Specific Triple

This bet is the ultimate choice in the game, if not one with the highest risk. Paying whopping 1:180, this bet challenge those who are brave enough to bet on triplets of the dices.

Bet Combinations

Doing several bets at once is allowed in Sic Bo. There is not much rule in this one. Bettors are free to pick several options in one category or doing several. Just remember that more bets mean more money to spend.

There may be many rules, but once remembered it’s easy not to slip up and make a mistake. Always remember to never loss confidence to practice your techniques for better conduct. Memorize the rules you should abide when playing Sic Bo above and try the game tonight!

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